• The junomojo Story

    The foundations of our original business began 25 years ago, based on the belief that ‘Good Health begins with Good Water’. As a family owned Gold Coast business, Pure Water Systems has grown into one of Australia’s biggest and best water filtration specialists. We believe that one of the first and easiest steps you can take to improve your health is to improve the quality of your water. Not only is it better for your health, it’s better for your wallet and better for the environment too!

    And that got us to thinking…….

    How else could we make health and wellbeing easy for our customers? From that thought, we created our concept of the The Six Pillars of Wellbeing. Five of them are related to physical health. We think that if you breathe easy, hydrate often, eat nourishingly, move your body and sleep well – you’ll be feeling pretty good! However, we also recognise that feeling great requires something else. After a lot of pondering, we decided ‘find your mojo’ was the final pillar that sums up the ‘feel good factor’. Good mojo is as much about your mind as it is about your body.

    Each of the pillars has its own colour too – a way of reminding us to take a broad approach to health. There isn’t a one size fits all model for good health. We’re not here to push singular or extreme views, we want to make wellbeing easy and accessible, but most of all – simple. We’re not qualified medical practitioners and different things work for different people. However, we’re confident that making a choice to focus on simple actions that become daily habits within each of the six pillars makes sense, and will help to support a healthy and balanced life.

    Our junomojo website is a small step into what we believe will become a big community.
    We’re here to connect our readers and customers to a broad range of interesting and up to date information and products,
    all designed to make wellbeing easier. That’s our goal and we hope you’ll join us.

    The junomojo Name

    While we love the sound of our name and we think it has a certain ‘vitality’ about it –
    there is a story to tell as to how we arrived at junomojo.

    When thinking about the way we could represent wellbeing, we began with a whole host of words such as flourish, thrive,
    bloom, boost, bounce, sassy, vibrant, zing, energy, positivity…… To be honest, the list was very long, and while each of the
    words conveyed certain aspects of wellbeing, we just didn’t feel that any of them really nailed it.
    Hmmmmm, so how could we find one word that would cover it all?

    Answer – we moved from words to creating visuals! Long story short….. we landed on the image of a peacock.
    There is nothing more beautiful and more uplifting than seeing a peacock display its feathers. Now that’s what it looks like
    when you feel absolutely great about yourself. As we researched all things ‘peacock’, we came across some serendipitous findings.
    Some of the symbolism associated with peacocks includes grace, dignity, kindness, watchfulness, guidance, vision,
    awakening, beauty and rejuvenation. While different cultures have varying interpretations, it was clear that the image
    of a peacock was one that we could all relate to in a positive way.

    Juno is the name of an ancient Roman Goddess whose sacred animal was the peacock. Juno was said to represent the
    ‘fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness’. And so we decided that the word juno, representing the peacock and
    all its symbolism, combined with our sixth pillar of mojo – brought our concept to life!

    Our beautiful junomojo peacock reminds us to take care of ourselves through a balanced approach to wellbeing
    – let’s show our colours and be our true luminescent selves.

    Time to shine!


    Jill Annear

    Founder & CEO

    The 6 Pillars of Wellbeing