• The junomojo Story

    We want to help people feel good by creating a better and healthier lifestyle through wellbeing made easy. We believe in helping others by providing a variety of quality lifestyle products that help to combine health and wellness into our daily lives.

    We got thinking……. How could we make health and wellbeing easier for our customers? From that thought, we created our concept of the The Six Pillars of Wellbeing. Each of the pillars has its own colour …..

    We think that if you ….

    SLEEP well
    EAT nourishingly
    HYDRATE often
    BREATHE easy
    MOVE your body
    MOJO – find your mojo

    ….. you’ll be feeling pretty good!

    Each of the pillar colours is a way of reminding us to take a broad approach to health. There isn’t a one size fits all model for good health. We want to make wellbeing easy and accessible and we are confident that by making the right choice of product selection within each of the six pillars, it will help to support a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

    The junomojo Name

    When thinking about the way we could represent wellbeing, we began with a whole host of words such as flourish, thrive, bloom, boost, bounce, sassy, vibrant, zing, energy, positivity…… In reality, the list was very long, and while each of the words conveyed certain aspects of wellbeing, we just didn’t feel that any of them really nailed it.

    So how could we find one word that would cover it all?

    We moved from words to creating visuals! That’s how we landed on the image of a peacock (Juno). There is nothing more beautiful and uplifting than seeing a peacock display its feathers. That’s what it looks like when you feel absolutely great about yourself.

    As we researched all things ‘peacock’, we came across some opportune findings. Some of the symbolism associated with peacocks includes grace, dignity, kindness, watchfulness, guidance, vision, awakening, beauty and rejuvenation. While different cultures have varying interpretations, it was clear that the image of a peacock was one that we could all relate to in a positive way.

    Juno is the name of an ancient Roman Goddess whose sacred animal was the peacock. Juno was said to represent the ‘fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness’. We decided that the word juno, representing the peacock and all its symbolism, combined with our sixth pillar of mojo – brought our concept to life!

    The 6 Pillars of Wellbeing