Do you feel as though your hectic lifestyle has taken over, with days blending into one another on a roller coaster of wake up, busy routine, go to bed, with no time or space to practice mindfulness meditation? Well, May is the month to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the moments and take time for stillness. This May, it’s time to turn ‘the rush’ around and manage your fast-paced schedule by introducing more serenity to your mind. In Buddhist teaching, a peaceful mind is a happy mind and this makes a lot of sense. Calming your mind will help you reduce stress, sleep better, think more clearly, love more deeply and generally provide greater wellbeing for yourself and those around you.

Mindful In May

The Feel-Good Vibe
By practising mindfulness, you can live healthier by turning your mind towards joyful and positive thoughts. As well as helping yourself and your loved ones you can help people in far-flung regions who you’ll probably never meet by embracing mindfulness this May while supporting a good cause. The Mindful In May initiative encourages you to embrace one month of change by taking part in an online meditation challenge. By registering you’ll receive guidance from some of the world’s leading meditation teachers, neuroscientists and wellbeing experts, while helping to raise funds for clean drinking water in poverty-stricken regions.

Be sure to sign up now before registration closes! 

Something’s Got To Give
Faced with your usual busy lifestyle of racing around from the school run to work then back home to share cooking, cleaning and supporting your family then to the gym to exercise, the thought of a mindful and serene month may seem impossible. 

Mindfulness is enjoying moments of awareness for your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and your surroundings.

"Peace comes from within, do not seek without." - Buddha

You can empower yourself to work more efficiently and calm the chaos by consciously choosing to be more present during the month of May. If you’re cooking, smell the aromas and be fully aware by engaging with the task. If you’re running, run, focus on your breathing and clear your mind of thoughts. If you’re doing yoga, be in that moment and feel the strength of your own body.

Tricks For The Challenge
When you go to the gym, rather than focusing on completing your workout and getting on with your day, be mindful of what’s happening inside your body and your mind. What thoughts are arising? Are you focused on how you feel right in that moment or are you feeling disconnected?
Connect to the physical sensations: feel the burn, be conscious of your blood pumping oxygen around your body and sense the wonder of each movement – and of course, remember to pack your Premium Oasis 750mL drink bottle to keep your body hydrated.

Try to hone in on your breathing and focus on your muscle resistance. You will often find you can go further and draw on more energy when you do. In no time at all, you’ll be buzzing with endorphins (the happy hormones) and feeling grateful for your workout.

Happiness is infectious, so empower yourself to look after number one and you’ll soon find you’re surrounded by happier people. Equip yourself with the tools to feel more content as a way to remember to “check in and be happy”. Do yourself a favour and place one of our Little Affirmations books on your bedside table or somewhere you see it often, so you can juice up your joy with a short supportive message to set your mind on the right path. Get your little ones involved, especially if they are suffering from low self-esteem, which can leave them open to bullying. Our I Am Me affirmations cards for children are a beautiful boxed set of illustrated cards to help encourage positive thinking and self-empowerment.


Mindful In MayA Change For Life
The best thing about mindfulness is that with practice
you become more proficient and you’ll often find that something you once struggled with soon becomes
second nature.
The result if acted on, is a healthy, well-balanced mind and body, which will pay great dividends in your personal and work life.


"Mindfulness must be engaged. Once there is seeing, there must be acting. Otherwise, what's the use of seeing?" - Nhat Hanh  

Improving mindfulness can be achieved in many ways: go for a walk; remove clutter from your desk, room or home; practise conscious breathing; learn to focus; take time out for yourself; eat a well-balanced nourishing diet full of wholefoods; make time for exercise.

When we really want to strengthen our body and enjoy a comprehensive workout we find that there is no better way than a powerful, intensive yoga class, such as vinyasa and ashtunga for a good sweat or iyengar for strength-based work. Our divine and stylish revolutionary-grip yoga mat is a great way to find fresh inspiration for your workouts. For more restorative or yin yoga, you’ll find our delightful, circular Yogi Peace Club mat is just perfect for resting and breath work.
Make sure you organise your day to include some meditation time to help you focus, find more tranquillity and allow the universe’s gifts to come into your day.

Find a quiet area to contemplate and reflect, ensure the lighting is soft to enable you to clear your mind and relax. Our aromatic essential oils help nourish your sense of smell and can have a significant impact on your mood. Great for de-stressing, improving sleep quality and relaxation, meditation is like a sweet treat for your wellbeing.

Make It Happen
By practising mindfulness, you’re able to handle any hurdles that do come into your life more easily and flow around potential obstacles with ease, which in turns brings more happiness and joy.

Mindful in May

Learn to take time for yourself, be mindful of your own wellbeing and that of those around you.
Stop! Take a breath – and enjoy every moment of being Mindful In May!

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