This week is Dental Health Week which aims to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health in every aspect of your life.

If you’re someone who can’t stop gazing at your friends when they smile wondering how they got such beautiful healthy teeth, it may be because they have gone against the grain and tried some new healthy regimes for their oral wellbeing.

We’ve put together our 7 favourite ways to get healthy teeth naturally, including one of our best-kept secrets, our favourite natural teeth whitener.

Our favourite ways to get healthy teeth naturally
  1. Eat nutrient dense foods
    It goes without saying, calcium-rich foods are at the forefront when eating right for your teeth. Foods like chia seeds, yogurt, almonds, kale and sardines, are all rich in calcium, and are simply delicious too! But calcium is not the only major player in oral health. Bioavailable mineral rich foods like organic bone broth are also extremely nourishing to your teeth, bones, joints, nails and hair as well. To go that extra mile, adding some fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K will ensure you have an encompassing diet to achieve healthy gums and teeth.

  2.  Oil Pulling
    What is oil pulling you may wonder. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic medicine that uses natural oils to detoxify the teeth and gums. Oil pulling can also help to whiten your teeth naturally and fight harmful bacteria in your mouth. The method of oil pulling is swishing organic sesame or coconut oil through your teeth for 20 minutes. Timing is important as this is long enough to break through plaque and bacteria, but not long enough that the body will start re-absorbing the toxins and bacteria.
    So, how do you oil pull? It’s easy. Swish 1-2 tsp of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes and spit it out (into the trash if you are concerned about oil clogging your pipes). Do not swallow the toxin-filled oil. Rinse your mouth out with warm water and then gently brush your teeth as usual.

  3. Reduce staining food and drinks
    Tea and coffee contain tannins that can stain your teeth, but if you love a daily warm drink, you can opt for an antioxidant-rich Matcha tea or latte instead. Wine and berries are also rich in pigmentation, so if you don’t want to walk around with berry-licious teeth, it’s wise to rinse your mouth out afterwards. Keep reading below to find out why you should only rinse, not brush after drinking wine.

  4. Avoid sugary processed foods
    Sugar causes cavities and plaque, and it’s very hard to remove this by brushing your teeth. This is because most sweetened junk food contains corn syrup which is a sweetener that hides in those hard to get to cracks and crevices, giving it the perfect environment to fester and decay your pearly whites.

  5. Watch your pH levels
    When you consume food and drinks on the acidic range of the acid/alkaline scale (below 7pH) such as kombucha, coffee, lemonade, wine, and meat, demineralisation occurs and your enamel is at risk of being worn away. Brushing your teeth straight away will only use the harsh acid against your teeth, so it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth out before you brush. If you’re looking for some nourishingHealthy cook books cookbooks to keep a healthy balance in your diet, we have an amazing range of recipe books to fuel your health with delicious vitamin-rich smoothies, detoxing foods and wholesome meals.

  6. An apple a day (or carrot)
    Eating apples and carrots can help to cleanse your teeth and gums. The fibrous contents of apples and carrots act as a brush, scrubbing away bad bacteria that encourages bad breath. Carrots also contain vitamin B which fights gingivitis!

  7. Use natural teeth whitening
    Brighten and whiten your smile the natural way with activated charcoal My Magic Mud Whitening Powder. Activated coconut shell charcoal and calcium bentonite are known to deeply cleanse and remove toxins from your mouth while whitening and polishing your teeth. Don’t underestimate this powder, the results can be stunning!Natural teeth whitening

Disclaimer: You may find yourself smiling brighter than you ever have before.

Let us know if you try some or all of our ways to get healthy teeth naturally by adding a comment below!
To learn more about Dental Health Week visit the Australian Dental Association.  


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