Are you juggling a career, family, a busy social life and wondering how professional women look after their stress levels? At Junomojo we often hear from the women in our community who tell us that looking after their own health and wellbeing, particularly stress levels, is generally last on their list of priorities.

According to research, stress is one of Australia's biggest issues, affecting relationships, physical and mental health.
It’s no secret that a busy workload both in and out of the office can lead to high-stress levels, but prolonged stress doesn’t have to ‘come with the job’. We’re sharing some simple ways professional women can manage stress before it takes its toll.

As women, we have a lot to worry about. Between that big meeting next week, school lunches, after-school activities, work responsibilities, social events and then somehow finding alone time with our significant others, trying to juggle everything can seem impossible – yet, somehow, we manage it.

The Effect Of Stressors On Our Health

But while we might appear to be coping day-to-day, these little responsibilities – read: stressors – can start to take their toll on our health. A stressor is anything that causes our body to release stress hormones, whether it’s a big life event like a divorce or redundancy, or something smaller, like a family commitment. On their own, they’re manageable – when you’ve got ten of them to think about at once, not so much.

how to manage stress

While you might convince the people around you – and yourself – that you are coping with the stressors in your day-to-day life, neglecting to take some time out to relieve your stress can really start to affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

Sure, a bit of stress can be helpful, but when we’re exposed to high-stress over a long period of time, studies show that the mental effects can be pretty serious. Anxiety, for example, has been reported to develop as a result of prolonged stress, which has also been thought to cause depression. 

Stress and Physical Health 

Beyond the mental strain that comes from high-stress environments or responsibilities, stress can manifest itself physically, too. From a headache or upset stomach to something more serious, like a heart condition, there are a number of ways that long-term stress can take its toll on your mind and body.

Knowing this, Women’s Health Week – which started on September 3, and will run until this Friday, September 7 – are bringing awareness to the issues surrounding stress, encouraging women to put themselves first and make their good health a priority.

Junomojo Helps You To Reduce Stress Levels

But here at Junomojo, every day is an opportunity to focus on reducing our stress. Our Sleep Well and Mojo collections are designed with professional women in mind, offering plenty of ways to unwind and give yourself some much needed ‘me’ time throughout your busy day.

What are some simple yet effective ways that women can manage their stress day-to-day?

  1. A good night’s sleep isn’t just useful for managing our stress – it’s essential to how we function. With that being said, when we’re under a lot of stress, getting some shut-eye is often the last thing on our minds, and the hardest thing to do. Research suggests that a silk eye mask can help you get to sleep, as the darkness has been said to promote the production of the sleep chemical, melatonin – essentially tricking your busy brain into letting you get some rest.

  2. Aromatherapy has many reported benefits, from increasing your energy and improving memory function to alleviating headaches, but it has also been said to relieve stress and assist with sleep. Different essential oils blends have different benefits, but chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang are a few scents in particular that are highly recommended for stress relief. The Eco Aroma Calm & Destress Trio Essential Blend is a perfect aromatherapy companion for stress relief.

  3. A hot bath is a tried and true way to relax, and it can often provide some much-needed peace and quiet at the end of a long day. Light a candle, (at Junomojo we recommend the Living Light Well-being Soy Metro Candle - Relax 40 Hour) dissolve some bath crystals and lock the bathroom door – allowing yourself to simply sit and enjoy a bath is one of the most indulgent ways to relieve your stress.

    Relax in the bath

Need a bit of help when it comes to stress relief? Try our new Womens Revive & Relax Pack, which includes the following products: 

Womens Revive & Relax Pack

1 x Silk Eye Mask (Robins Egg)
1 x Eco Aroma Sleep Blend Rollerball
1 x Living Light Relax Candle
1 x Living Light Relax Bath Crystals

It’s no secret that a busy workload both in and out of the office can lead to high-stress levels, but prolonged stress doesn’t have to ‘come with the job’. We’re sharing some simple ways professional women can manage stress, before it takes its toll.

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