With the Easter and the school holiday break coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to tone up those eating habits, and to look at your health goals for the rest of the year. Could fasting your way through the colder seasons be the way to set the tone for spring and summer? We believe so! here's the scoop on why you should take up this healthy habit.

Fasting is steeped in ancient philosophy but more people are discovering the health highs of this major detox technique for themselves. There are many reasons for fasting – from religious observance, aiding meditation, weight loss and general wellbeing – and the habit is fast catching on with people looking to amp up their cleansing routines. Yet, few people fully understand the philosophies behind the practice.

In her latest book Fast Your Way To Wellness, Lee Holmes expounds the benefits of fasting and provides her readers with 90 nutritious fasting day recipes.

It’s ancient history

Modern science acknowledges that many ancient practices were often grounded in common sense. Fasting is one such ritual and it can be traced back to both biblical times and Indian philosophy. From China and the Far East to European civilisations, fasting has been a means of purging the body of toxins for as far back as the history books can go.

The benefits of fasting

Correct fasting isn’t just abstaining from food. In fact, fasting incorrectly and without following proper guidelines can result in illness and damage to the immune system. This is because fasting works to release poisons and toxins that build up in your body over a period of time. Done correctly, fasting will not only clean out the body, but the practice of disassociating yourself from your cravings for food also has the added appeal of allowing you to focus on other aspects of wellbeing, such as mindful meditation.

Give your body a break

One of the biggest benefits of fasting is that it gives your digestive system a holiday from all the foods it has to break down. From the healthy to the not so healthy, your intestinal tract is filled with leftover waste, which your body no longer has any use for. Fasting can help clear some of this lingering residue.

Once the digestive system is allowed to slow down it will produce less acid while the organs use a lot less energy. This is great news for the immune system so it has time to repair. Juicing is often a great way to assist you during your fast to give you energy. So you’ll love having the Junomojo cold-press juicer in your kitchen for all the wonderful fruit and vegie blends you can create.

Lose weight during the process

One of the main reasons that fasting has had a resurgence is because it has been seen to help reduce stored body fat. Nutritional and wellbeing specialists warn against long-term fasting for weight loss as this can reduce muscle mass along with body fat. However, intermittent fasting, has been seen to work well in triggering the body’s built-in mechanisms for turning stored fat into energy. Put simply, when your body isn’t obtaining instant energy from digested foods, it will use the fat stored in your body instead. 

Taking it easy

Rather than diving in at the deep end and ceasing food altogether, start slowly by reducing your intake of processed foods, wheat, sugars and dairy to ease your body into the fasting process. Fasting provides a great opportunity to identify if you have any sensitivity to certain foods. Allergies may surface as you slowly reintroduce foods to your diet. Many advocates of regular fasting find they will give up toxin-rich foods in favour of more healthy choices.

Ongoing benefits

Fasting has been known to promote improved health overall. Many sufferers of long-term ailments have seen marked improvements in their conditions, while others have broken their dependency on medications. All these are good enough reasons for the Junomojo staffers to get ready to give fasting a go. We’re keen to let go of clogging and say hello to freedom!

Why not let us know how you go with your next fasting attempt? We’d love to hear from you!

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