Today, Friday 16th March, we celebrate the eight National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). By doing so, we acknowledge and bring to light something that sadly, many young people experience; bullying and violence. Did you know that in Australia, 1 in 4 school age children are reportedly bullied every few weeks? This is why today we stand united as a community and have open conversations about the way we treat others; especially our young ones. On this day, we thought it timely to share the very empowering and beautifully illustrated, “I AM ME” affirmation cards for kids, by Chelsea Blake Aylward. are many reasons why some children feel the need to express themselves through anger toward other children. It may be because they have learned these behaviours from friends or even their own parents, they may feel neglected, or they may find the social pressures at school lead them to behave in a way in which they wouldn’t normally act. If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that all learned behaviours can be unlearned. Whether you have a child who is being bullied, your child is acting like a bully, or if he or she is an observer of bullying in the playground, we can show them that they have the power to make conscious decisions on how they act. Being aware of their choices can change the outcome of the situation in that moment.

So, how do we make bullying a regular and open conversation at home?

“I am kind to everyone, even if they are different”

This is just one of the powerful messages that we can share with our children (and adults for that matter), from the
I AM ME affirmation cards for kids. Having regular conversations about acceptance, inclusion and self-love with children, breaks the stereotypes that they often see on TV or on social media. I AM ME collection has 44 cards focused on constructive thoughts, which all children can relate to. The illustration and message on each card is designed to promote self-esteem and encourage positive feelings.

“Self-esteem is the feeling of total acceptance and love for yourself as you are, regardless of what you may see as your faults, problems or mistakes, regardless of your looks, race, creed or status.” – Chelsea Blake
When children have high self-esteem, they can often rise above the negative actions of others, which sets a positive example for the other children observing.

These cards are great conversation starters for parents, teachers and children, as they bring to light the many issues children face as their young personalities are moulded by daily influences. tips from Chelsea on how to use I AM ME affirmation cards to start the conversation:
Before heading off to school, shuffle the cards and ask your child to pick one. Have your child read the card out loud and help them understand and connect to the meaning of the message. During dinner that evening, discuss how he or she implemented the affirmation throughout the day.
Or, select a card for your child and place it next to their bed after reading the affirmation. Discussing the message before sleep provides the opportunity to have a positive conversation together.

Really, we think everyone could benefit from these cards. Their sentiments are very real and thought-provoking. To leave on a card that is very fitting for today, “I walk away, from conflict and bullies”. We ask you to join with us on NDA day and say “Bullying. No Way!”

You can purchase the I AM ME cards in our mojo collection here  




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