What is human gut flora and why is it so important?
The human gut contains over 100 trillion microorganisms that fight viruses and diseases, provide energy, eliminate waste, house 90% of the body’s neurotransmitters, produce serotonin and contain over 80% of the Immune System. The composition of your gut changes over time along with your diet and overall wellbeing.

So, What Can Deplete Your Gut Flora?
Lack of exercise
Unclean water
Sleep deprivation
Food Intolerances
Autoimmune diseases 
Chemicals such as Glyphosate in “RoundUp”
Drugs taken internally or absorbed from externally
Vitamin D deficiency
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Here are our 9 reasons why you will love the benefits of Progurt HPI Sachets

1. The Purest and Most Powerful Probiotic Available

Each sachet is water-soluble and contains Multiple Human Probiotic Isolates, identical to those found in a healthy human being at birth. Digesting this good bacterium will restore your gut flora to an optimal level

2. You Can Replenish the Gut Bacteria You Were Born With

If you are interested in finding out what bacteria you may be missing, you can get a DNA test and have a comprehensive report written on your SNP's. SNP's (pronounced “snips”) are genetic variations in humans which act as biological markers. There are roughly 10 million SNP's in the human genome, and each SNP represents a difference in a single DNA building block. SNP's can be deciphered to show results such as your gut bacteria status, depleted nutrients, intolerances and potential disease formulation.

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Bacterium Strains you can replenish in your gut with Progurt include:
Colonising Strains
Upper and Lower Gut Strains
Fragile Strains
Missing Strains
Synergistic Strains
Migrating Strains
Replicating Strains
Birth Strains

3. 1 Trillion Colony Forming Units of Beneficial Bacteria Capability

A baseline probiotic capsule contains an average of 25 Billion beneficial bacteria, and are quite often mixed with dairy or unbeneficial fillers. Progurt contains over 1 trillion CFU beneficial bacteria per sachet.

4. Formulated with Super-duper Strength

Progurt sachets are uniquely formulated with strains of bacterium chosen for their capability to synergise, colonise and replicate.

5. Contains Real Human Probiotic Isolates

HPI’s are species-specific, identical to the microflora found in a healthy human’s intestinal tract at birth. Unlike other probiotic brands which can be found containing gut flora from mammals such as cattle, Progurt sachets are the ultimate colony building tribe containing Lactic Acid Bacteria, Bifidobacteria including beneficial strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bifidus and S. Thermophilus.

6. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegan-Friendly

Many probiotic brands contain fillers and dairy, but Progurt sachets are 100% natural and free from additives, GMO’s, fillers and stabilisers, dairy, sugar, lactose, wheat, gluten, soy, salt, corn-starch, flavours, colours and preservatives.

7. Anyone and Everyone Can Take It

Not one of the 1 Trillion bacteria are discriminatory! They LOVE everyone. Anyone can take Progurt and enjoy the benefits!

8. You Can Take It Alone or Make Delicious Probiotic Yogurt

Who doesn’t love yogurt?! It’s delicious, satisfying and nourishing for your tummy! and we have the perfect little yogurt making appliances right here Progurt Electric Yogurt Maker and Kuvings Greek Yogurt and Cheese Maker

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9. Refrigeration Free and Travel Safe

Travelling and keeping your tummy healthy and happy has never been easier. Unlike other brands, you don’t need to refrigerate Progurt sachets. You can conveniently keep them in your handbag ready for that urgent dose of good bacteria to fight that “Bali Belly”.

We love Progurt and want you to feel the amazing benefits this amazing probiotic can provide! Start your tummy loving and get yours here today!

The human gut contains over 100 trillion microorganisms which fight viruses and diseases, provides energy, eliminate waste, house 90% of the body’s neurotransmitters, produce serotonin and contain over 80% of the Immune System. Here are our 9 reasons why you will love the benefits of Progurt HPI Sachets

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