Today is the International Day of Happiness! This year's theme is "Share Happiness", focusing on relationships, practising kindness and helping each other.  Did you know that according to the World Happiness Report, Australia ranks number 10? We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world, with beautiful culture and a growth mindset of inclusion and acceptance, but do you think we could make it even better? We do! Sometimes the internet isn’t the friendliest space, so we have put together 73 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness that you can use today!... and every other day!


1. Share your gratitude for someone working hard in your office
2. Donate some belongings to a charity in need
3. Carry someone’s groceries
4. Tell someone all the things you love about them
5. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line
6. Talk to someone who is often ignored
7. Give free hugs
8. Write 10 positive affirmations about yourself
9. Leave a nice note on someone’s car
10. Offer to help someone with their work
11. Send a book on wellbeing to a friend
12. Smile at everyone you see
13. Lend a hand to an elderly person
14. Send a bunch of flowers to an old friend
15. Leave a big tip
16. Let someone in your lane
17. Visit someone you know feels lonely
18. Call someone who hurt you and forgive them
19. Donate food to a homeless shelter
20. Pay for someone’s dinner
21. Make a cup of tea for someone who works hard
22. Compliment someone to their boss
23. Bring healthy snacks to work
24. Say something nice about someone to someone else
25. Help a mother with her baby stroller
26. Call your grandparents
27. Send dessert to another table
28. Plant a tree
29. Tell someone how amazing they are
30. Make an opportunity for someone
31. Mow and rake your neighbours’ front lawn
32. Make your partner a relaxing bath with salts and essential oils
33. Donate blood
34. Rescue an animal from the shelter
35. Give a massage voucher to someone who needs it
36. Write an anonymous letter of love to someone
37. Have your kids make something special for someone they are not friends with
38. Give money to a busker
39. Make a playlist for someone you love
40. Give your spare change jar to someone who could use it
41. Bake cookies for your neighbour
42. Take a hamper to the children’s hospital
43. Be kind to someone who was mean to you
44. Tell someone you love their smile
45. Write a note and put it in your child’s lunch box
46. Buy some canned goods for the local food bank
47. Put money in an expired parking metre
48. Babysit for your friends one night so they can go on a date
49. Leave $20 on the windshield of a rundown car
50. Leave positive sticky notes
51. Tell someone you’re grateful for them
52. Pay for an elderly person’s petrol
53. Join someone for lunch who is eating alone
54. Give out chocolates at work
55. Promote a friend’s business on social media
56. Help an elderly person maintain their garden
57. Listen to someone’s story
58. Stop and let strangers pat your dog
59. Spend 1 hour cleaning a park or the beach
60. Go out of your way to get to know someone new
61. Compliment a parent on their children
62. Say “I’m sorry” to someone you may have hurt
63. Give up your seat for someone, or pull up a seat for someone to sit next to you
64. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger
65. Give a compliment about your waitress or waiter to their manager
66. Thank your teachers or mentors
67. Return someone shopping trolley to the store for them
68. Let someone front of you in the line
69. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life
70. Tell someone you’re there for them
71. Give a piece of fruit to a delivery person
72. Accept help when it is offered, it will make the other person feel good too!
73. Be kind to yourself

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” – Morgan Freeman

Pay it forward, share and inspire others to carry out a random act of kindness today!

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