Surprise! Surprise! It’s almost April – already – and the Easter break is nearly upon us. If your busy routine is seeing the days fly by without a moment to stop and smell the roses, make time for yourself this Easter break with some well-earned downtime.

While finding time to relax should be a priority, it rarely is. The pressures of work, home life, parenting and running a household often get in the way of taking a few moments to breathe. Yet, there are some simple things you can do to help improve your wellbeing that don't take too much effort.

Looking after yourself will not only help you feel more rested and better prepared to take on the world once the Easter holiday is over, you’ll be a better version of yourself for everyone around you, as well.

Make your Easter a proper break with these relaxing ideas: 

  1. Get Enough Sleep: Having plenty of quality sleep is one of the best ways to reduce stress, maintain your ideal weight, have more tolerance and generally be a nicer person to spend time with. Nobody likes seeing you wearing your Cranky Mummy hat, least of all yourself. Sticking to a regular bedtime routine helps maintain better sleep patterns and usually makes it easier to fall asleep at night. Try some ‘sleep triggers’ at bedtime to get your mind ready for sleep. For example, enjoy a relaxing herbal tea before bedtime to ease yourself into slumber and you’re likely to enjoy a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

  2. Sleep In: Not having to hurry off to work over the four-day Easter break makes it an ideal time to stay in bed a little longer and enjoy your mornings without the Rush Hour. Make your bed more inviting with a set of clean, fresh bamboo sheets. Luxurious to the touch, they help keep you cool when the weather is too hot. Did you know the bamboo fabric is imbued with anti-bacterial properties, as well? To ramp up the comfort factor you can add a bamboo mattress topper to your bed to provide a cosy comfortable feel to your original mattress. Then top it all off with a silk pillowcase for a real treat, which will help you arise in the morning feeling refreshed.

  3. Create a Restful Environment: Once you’re up and ready for your day, you want to create a calming ambience at home – especially if family are visiting for the holidays. Lots of fresh natural light and plenty of air to ventilate your home helps keep everything fresh and may stave off any feelings of ‘cabin fever’ over the break. Using a diffuser throughout your home provides a number of benefits, especially if it is dual function with an essential oil diffuser and lighting unit combined. The soft and gentle light effect, which is especially effective as the sun begins to set, generates a peaceful mood in any room. Add to this a gentle fragrance of your choice, via an essential oil such as lavender, and it would be almost impossible not to slow down and relax. If you’re low on energy, think citrus to refresh the senses.

  4. Wind Down in a Warm Bath: A relaxing soak is a wonderful way to release tension and ease muscle tightness. Whether it’s bath-time or you just feel like escaping the family buzz, draw yourself a warm bath, lock the bathroom door then light a few candles infused with essential oils. Add a sprinkling of bath crystals to soften the water, making it better for the skin. Choose an aroma to help improve your mood. Are you looking to relax or revive?

  5. Relax With a Mini Meditation: Find a quiet space in your home, away from the people traffic, grab your headphones and plug into a mindful meditation on your smartphone. You’ll find plenty of apps to choose from or head online to source something uplifting. Just 5-minutes of breathing will make you feel a whole lot better.

By choosing essential elements in your home to create serenity and tranquillity your entire family will feel the benefits. Use the Easter break as a golden opportunity to reconnect with the people you love and achieve just a little more wellbeing this holiday.

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